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Washington County, PA, going paperless

May 24, 2013

Washington county, Pennsylvania, is planning to institute e-voting for its public polls, but there are many ways government offices can institute paperless efforts. From paperless meetings to the digitization of meeting data across the board, more local councils can reduce costs and enhance operations by improving the technology they are using.

According to the Observer-Reporter, Washington county will be utilizing electronic voting from now on, while other states have already migrated fully to digital systems. The system will be utilized for council and township offices, state Superior Court, school boards and more.

Investing in the right technologies will help local councils switch to paperless meetings in a variety of ways. These solutions will help reduce paper used for meeting packets and improve meeting minutes recording, streamlining transparency and open government efforts at the same time. Ultimately, this approach saves town, county and state governments time and money by enhancing community engagement and ensuring that the public has access to all of the information it needs to be well informed of office activities. IQM2's meeting management software will accomplish all of this and more in a cost effective way.