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San Diego ignores pleas for open and transparent government

May 24, 2013

As two officials who drove San Diego's transparency and open government efforts leave, many worry that the city's planning in this area will fall apart. According to the Voice of San Diego, Mayor Bib Filner has been formally behind a push for more transparency, but several top officials have left their jobs since the mayor took office, indicating possible problems within the upper structure of the city's government offices.

According to the news source, some critics believe the problems may be caused by a lack of direction, but ultimately they will complicate the city council's ability to follow through with previously indicated plans. So far, the mayor hasn't held true to his promise to post his schedule, public memos, or policies online.

"The mayor's office has a responsibility to ensure the public has an opportunity to obtain information and participate in government decision making so that they have faith in our government," Filner told the news source a year ago in a survey. "Otherwise, any decision made becomes suspect and the public loses trust."

Ultimately, it is a city's responsibility to provide the public easy access to government information, and investing in the right legislative management solutions can ease those efforts. While demonstrating a dedication to transparency is important, leaders also have to follow through on those promises.