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Some cities get transparency right

May 29, 2013

Open and transparent government efforts can be tricky for some city, state and local councils to embrace, but some set an excellent example for others. From the successful integration of new technology to a strict adherence to transparency planning, cities like Palo Alto, California have seen great improvements by investing in the right tools and having the right people working toward open government goals.

According to Tech Target, Palo Alto hired Jonathan Reichental as its Chief Information Officer in 2011 and has since seem a massive improvement in its transparency and open government efforts. Reichental introduced the city to social media outlets, launched its first open data platform and focused on making the city's budget available to citizens in an easy to access and understand format.

Any city can focus on these same efforts, even without a powerhouse CIO like Reichental, by investing in high-quality transparency solutions from IQM2. From intelligent meeting management solutions to legislative management software, IQM2's offerings will improve overall productivity and help any local government reduce its spending will providing swift and easy access to essential information to citizens.