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Transparency and open government a critical part of democracy

June 6, 2013

Democracy is founded in the ideal that everyone is equal, and has an equal say in the decisions that affect their lives. While Plato may not have believed that a democratic government would work for the long-term, the United States has upheld this ideal for some time, and ensuring the equality it is founded on requires transparency and open government operations so that its citizens can be informed.

In order for democratic government to work, citizens need to have a say, and in order for them to make wise decisions, they need to be informed of the issues at hand. Legislative management is a vital part of informing the public in the digital age, providing ease to access and consume information on a broad scale. Investing in high-quality legislative management software from IQM2 will give any state, county or local government the essential tools necessary to accomplish this task.

With the right technology in place, any local council can embrace the open and transparent government, and push off Plato's predicted downfall just a little bit longer by providing citizens with clear and accessible avenues to critical operational data.