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Open data can no longer be ignored

June 12, 2013

Ignoring the issue is a government stereotype that no local councils can afford to embody anymore when it comes to open data. Embracing open and transparent government issues is a necessity of modern governing, and the technology needs to be in place to support the organization, maintenance and access of the relevant data.

According to Information Week, government IT departments must focus on open data in order to accommodate public expectations, transparency laws and more. This will keep open government advocates, citizens and other government employees happy while ensuring smooth operations over time.

In order to optimize open data efforts, local, county and state governments need to invest in the legislative management solutions that will streamline  those processes in a cost-efficient manner. IQM2's meeting management solutions will improve data management and help incorporate various other improvements, such as paperless meetings and automated publishing to open data portals. With the right tools in place, governments offices can simplify these efforts and focus on more critical operations with the knowledge that open data needs are being met.