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Transparency and open government must be present in all operations

June 12, 2013

From elections to minor council meetings, transparency is a critical part of government processes today. State, county and local offices have to ensure they are operating within the regulations defined by law, as well as meeting the expectations of their constituents to provide public access to meetings and legislative information. Failure to do so is simply a breach of the public office's contract with its constituents to uphold their best interests.

In order to maintain open and transparent government operations today, agencies have to keep up with technological advancements like social media. Embracing the technological age may seem like a hassle when ensuring public access to information, but it can ease government operations and help ensure regulatory compliance. From legislative management software to government meeting minutes recording solutions, these tools will improve the collection and organization of data and simplify making it available to the public.

Embracing these solutions and integrating them with every aspect of operations will help government offices embrace transparency as a whole and improve their relationship with constituents. Ultimately, this will improve processes and help agencies embrace the needs of the public as well as their own.