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Philippines go paperless, so too can you

June 18, 2013

The Philippine's Supreme Court recently announced that it has successfully implemented a paperless court system, embracing digital solutions to cut costs across the board. From paperless meetings to an electronic filing system for court documents, the PHL Supreme Court is able to better organize and control cases, according to GMA News Online

With the broad adoption that many countries are seeing, it is much easier to implement digital practices in government operations. From the council chamber to the court room, tablets and smartphones make it easier to carry and read documents, take notes and view video or audio content on the fly. Additionally, paperless systems can save offices thousands of dollars a year.

In order to embrace paperless solutions, however, government offices need to embrace the software to take their documentation and meetings digital. Meeting management software can help eliminate minutes, information packets and paper schedules, while an electronic voting system can even improve the accuracy of vote counts. Investing in digital solutions now will allow any government office on the state, county or local level to reduce its spending and put those funds toward projects to improve the lives of their constituents.