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Paperless meetings a step on the road to the cloud

June 19, 2013

Cloud computing can be highly beneficial for any government office with the right approach and security in place, but taking the first steps toward such a strategy can be tricky. In order to optimize adoption of cloud solutions, agencies need to consider the supporting processes that will enable successful implementation. The first being paperless meeting adoption.

The technology and software needed to embrace paperless meetings varies, but the end result is a streamlined system that helps government officials access information more easily, keep track of notes and meeting minutes, and engage the public about meeting topics more effectively.

According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, companies that implement paperless solutions are able to take on 20 percent more business within the first year of implementation, and this benefit translates well to government operations. More topics will be able to be covered at meetings, public access databases will be able to be updated faster and overall operations can be streamlined to allow for better, more effective governing.

Ultimately, this approach will help local councils to save money and do more for their votes every year, and prepare them for the adoption of further technologies like cloud computing strategies down the road.