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New Jersey to improve open government access rules

June 24, 2013

New Jersey hasn't been the model for open and transparent government in the past, yet the state is looking to turn that perception around. According to the Hunterdon Democrat, state senators are scheduled to vote on changes to the state's Open Public Records Act and Public Meetings Act regarding citizen complains.

Included in the proposed amendment are bans on digital discussions of meeting topics during the meetings themselves in order to keep the public aware of all aspects of the conversation. Additionally, public agencies would be required to inform the public when free digital records are available for document requests, saving citizens and journalists time and money.

The two bills, according to the news source, are inte?nded primarily to give citizens improved access to government meetings and meeting agendas. One way to help enhance the availability of information is investing in high-quality meeting management software from IQM2. These solutions enhance the organization and access to data with ease, promoting open and transparent government operations at a low cost. Ultimately, these solutions will help state, county or local councils adhere to transparency promises without missing a beat.