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Use technology to simplify citizens lives, not complicate them

June 24, 2013

Technology investments can take major steps toward improved information management, transparency and open government efforts and a slew of other enhancements. However, local councils implementing new solutions for meeting management and other aspects of operations need to ensure these tools don't complicate citizens' lives.

It can be an easy mistake to make, and making access to government information more difficult can be accomplished without affecting office operations. However, when implemented properly, these solutions can improve both government efficiency and public access to critical information with ease. Achieving both goals is more about meeting open and transparent government demands and encouraging the trust of the community, but it can have far-reaching positive effects on operations as well.

State, county and town councils that embrace transparency and public engagement can use improved technology like IQM2's agenda management software to better organize meeting schedules and publish those agendas to the public at the same time. Additionally, tools like legislative management software will ease data organization while supporting public information portals.

Investing in advanced government technology is almost a necessity for improving operations in the digital age, but it is also a key way to embrace renewed public interest in government operations and the decision-making processes that affect citizens' lives on a daily basis.