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Rhode Island launches open and transparent government web portal

June 25, 2013

Rhode Island has taken the next step in ensuring transparency and open government efforts by launching its own government website for public disclosure. Located at www.ri.gov/opengovernment, the portal will be updated weekly with government information, including budget data. Currently, it includes financial details from 2010 to the present.

The new web portal is an important part of adhering to open and transparent government demands, as well as engaging the public on a critical level. Advances in technology increase citizens expectations about the information that will be made available to them, and using a website as opposed to traditional recordkeeping methods will reduce the cost of these endeavors for state government offices while improving overall access to information.

IQM2 offers high-quality meeting management services and related solutions for enhancing transparency needs and improving the flow of information from the local council to the public eye. Investing in the right technology will make open government efforts that much easier to maintain, and provide a higher-quality solution for the public in the long run. Rather than risking failure in transparency efforts, state, county and local councils should invest in the best possible solutions for their operational needs.