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Counties going paperless

June 27, 2013

Franklin County, Missouri, has recently embraced paperless meetings to reduce costs and increase efficiency. According to The Missourian, the county commissioners printed thick agenda packets for every meeting, but with the new system from IQM2, they will be able to view the same information quickly only the computer.

The city of Windsor, Ontario, recently implemented a paperless system as well to enhance overall meeting productivity. According to The Windsor Star, the city council is seeking to implement meeting streaming to give the public live access to discussions as well as meeting minutes. The city believes it will be able to improve overall operations, but plans on still offering paper version of meeting minutes and agendas for those that prefer them.

Optimally, any city, state or town government can embrace high-quality meeting management software and related technology to go paperless. However, there can be a variety of challenges in going paperless, so local councils need to ensure they are utilizing the right solutions, like IQM2's high-end legislative management software. With these tools, any government office can reduce its administrative costs, improve the flow of information to the public and st?reamline operations to be more effective overall.