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3 reasons going paperless is more practical

July 2, 2013

Investing in paperless meetings solutions and related services may seem like an extraneous cost for a local government office, but the truth is there are enough benefits to outweigh the expense. From eliminating printing costs to being more eco-friendly, the advantages of going paperless are many, and IQM2's high-quality meeting management services can simplify the process and make it more budget friendly for any state, county, city or local council.

According to BusinessNewsDaily, the cluttered office desk is an iconic image that is beginning to fade to obscurity. Government offices can push that movement further with paperless office solutions that will extend to the council chamber, improving agenda management and overall operations. This will allow local governments to eliminate meeting packets, which will help officials take notes on, read and search through documents faster, as well as ease the access to those materials to the public.

"A great benefit for paperless offices is that electronic documents can be found virtually from anywhere," Cathy Sexton, a productivity strategist and coach, told the news source. "So if you have a VPN (Virtual Private Network) or somebody who works from home, they can access documents too." Sexton's advice translates well into the government arena, allowing the public easy access to government information.

By adopting high-quality meeting management software from IQM2, any state, county and local council can gain the following benefits, and start demonstrating to their constituents a commitment to modernization and practical operations.

Reduced cost
Going paperless is far more cost effective over time, allowing any government office to reduce administrative expenses and use tax dollars for more essential purposes, such as town improvements. This will show the public that their leaders value them and are focused on the community.

Streamlined efficiency
Paperless options allow town, county and state meetings to cover more ground, increasing the number of topics that can be discussed at regular meeting and helping officials access relevant data before, during and after the meetings more effectively.

Save the environment
Additionally, by investing in paperless solutions any government office is demonstrating a commitment to being more sustainable and eco-friendly. This will help improve the environment over time and encourage citizens to follow suit by reducing paper use in their own lives and recycling more.

Ultimately, the decision to invest in a paperless meetings system has many other factors that have to be considered, but these three will play a large role in improving overall operations and public opinion for any local council.