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Florida continues efforts to embrace transparency

July 10, 2013

Open and transparent government wasn't one of the selling points Florida could proudly claim earlier in the year, but continued efforts in this area seem to be paying off for the Sunshine State. According to the Herald-Tribune, the state is focusing on new laws and policies that will open up meetings to the public, restrict state council members and committee's from holding off-the-record conversations and improve transparency in general across the state.

Providing the public with due access to state, county and city government meetings and legislation isn't a matter of cost or ability, but of ethical responsibility of every local council, no matter how small. According to the news source, Barbara Petersen of the state's First Amendment Foundation, a nonprofit transparency and open government lobbying group, said that the recent decisions were positive for her groups efforts, and all Floridians.

With new laws and policies on the books to ensure public access to meetings and related documentation, city and local councils across the state should consider investing in improved agenda management software from IQM2 in order to ensure citizens are aware of meeting schedules and the topics to be discussed.