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School board holds first paperless meetings to great success

July 11, 2013

The Durant school board in Durant, Oklahoma, recently held its first paperless meeting, utilizing tablets and computers to eliminate paper from the boardroom. According to the Durant Democrat, the board spent the meeting renewing school service contracts and lease agreements, and approved the 2013-14 student handbook - a lengthy document - all digitally.

Going paperless in school board or government meetings provides many benefits. Cutting paper reduces expenses, as well as being more environmentally friendly. This allows board and local council members to review information faster, making it easier to take and review minutes. Additionally, these tools provide a streamlined way to provide the same data to the public when applicable.

IQM2's meeting management software and paperless solutions help any school, city or local government adopt improved strategies for enhancing meeting productivity and reducing operational cost. Regardless of where a council is located or its size, these high-quality tools will improve efficiency and help bring meetings into? the 21st century gracefully. The Durant school board is just one of many making the leap to paperless meetings and related technology.