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Small city in upstate NY embracing open and transparent government

July 11, 2013

In an effort to further open meeting efforts, Ilion, New York, is implementing new guidelines for when sessions can be held in private. According to The Little Falls Times, the current wording of open and transparent government laws is unclear, allowing officials to cite "litigation" and "personnel" as acceptable reasons for sessions to be held in private. Expanding the requirements of explanations for closed meetings will provide the public with more information and help ensure that those sessions are being held properly in accordance to transparency laws.

"A well-informed and knowledgeable electorate is vital to democracy and assuring the people's representatives are working on their behalf in a manner that is consistent with the promoting of their common good," David Murray, an Ilion resident who is running for the local Herkimer County Legislature this year, told the news source.

One way that county and city leaders in any state can embrace transparency demands and ensure public awareness of meetings, whether they are open or closed, is to invest in high-quality meeting agenda management software from IQM2. These tools will optimize meeting scheduling and ensure that the public is informed of that calendar and the topics of sessions well before they occur.