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Transparency can have unexpected consequences, benefits

July 12, 2013

Open and transparent government efforts are critical today, but state, county and town offices should understand all of the changes that come with adopting the tools to make this possible. According to the Independent Voter Network (IVN), the legislation up for consideration in California currently could have some negative affects on government operations that haven't been considered. But will the pros outweigh the cons?

The bill currently under review would require officials to disclose political donations during campaign broadcasts of all kinds. Currently, they are only require in print and television ads where they take up little space. However, in radio broadcasts they can take up a significant portion of the allotted time and hurt the actual message. By requiring them, it will drive polit?ical campaigners away from radio broadcasts, negatively affecting the radio industry in the state.

Transparency is important, but the laws should also consider the economic impact. Local officials should consider investing in IQM2's high-quality open government solutions to enhance their adherence to public expectations of transparency without breaking the bank or putting other projects at financial risk that the public depends on.