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Complicated requests no excuse for lack of compliance

July 16, 2013

Open and transparent government is all about meeting information requests. State, county and local councils have a responsibility to provide the public with regular updates of essential data, while meeting special requests to the best of their ability. No matter how complex the requests for information are, if it isn't protected by privacy law, it is the office's duty to comply with those requests.

However, some government agencies have avoided meeting information requests on the basis that the data is simply hard to collect and publish or provide. Alternatively, some have stalled processes requests due to time constraints, or added high charges in order to "recoup the costs" of the time it takes to collect the requested information. However, many feel that these constraints hinder transparency efforts.

"Timely disclosure of information is an essential component of transparency," said Attorney General Eric Holder, according to Bloomberg.

Investing in high-quality legislative management software and related solutions from IQM2 can help any state, county or town office embrace transparency and open government demands. Right the right tools in place, councils won't have to worry about the complexity or nature of requests, and will be able to expedite any searches to quickly and efficiently provide information to the public.