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Local Ohio offices expect to receive less state funding in 2014

July 16, 2013

As budget needs increase for supporting open and transparent government, local councils in Ohio anticipate an 11 percent decrease in state funding for the 2014 fiscal year. According to The Columbus Dispatch, this cut could come as a serious blow to local government offices, and is driven by the state's desire to cut its overall budget by $2.7 billion.

"We cut the local-government fund, there's no question," Randy Cole, a policy adviser on local governments to the state administration, told the news source. "But we worked hard to maintain support levels for a number of government agencies, and in some cases that support grew."

Improving operations while reducing costs is certainly a valid concern for any state, county or local office, but it is important to maintain funding for key projects and to support transparency and open government efforts. In order to maintain workflow and these projects with reduced state support, local councils may need to rethink their own budgets and invest in solutions that will help them save money.

IQM2's high-quality meeting management services provide more efficient tools for transparency and general operations that will help offices reduce spending and optimize cash flow at the same time.