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Cost efficiency requires transparency

July 17, 2013

Optimizing meetings, government workflow and administrative processes all go hand in hand with IQM2's high-quality legislative and meeting management services. However, when it comes to the ROI of these solutions and establishing cost-benefit analysis, state, county and town councils need to remember to maintain open and transparent government advances and make the public aware of what they are saving - as well as how it benefits the community.

Cutting government meeting spending and the general cost of administrative operations is easy to do, but the funds that are saved have to go back into the community at large via local infrastructure projects, tax cuts or other forms. Citizens that see improvements like paperless meetings being made will expect to be made aware of the following budget changes. By providing clear and transparent information into how their officials are passing the saving on to them, public opinion will improve.

Investing in IQM2's high-end transparency and open government solutions will provide state, county and local councils with the means to provide swift and understandable information to their constituents, and ensure that the lines of communication are never closed or clouded when public relations are involved.