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Open and transparent government about communication

July 17, 2013

While many government offices focus on making data and information available to the public, there is more to fostering transparency and open government than this. According to Lucas Dailey, a contributor to the Sunlight Foundation blog, true transparency requires communication with the public and understanding its positions on topics of importance.

For many state, county and town offices, investing in information management solutions to ease data organization and access won't be enough. Councils need to consider the advantages that IQM2's meeting management services provide - helping establish a foundation for a back and forth between politicians and citizens. This way, the public will feel as if its voice is heard as well. This can be accomplished through polls, but also via the town hall meeting format.

Optimizing agenda management software will also provide a key advantage by keeping the public aware of meeting schedules, topics and related information.

With the right tools and services in place, any local government office can streamline its adherence to transparency standards and demands while showing its constituents that it cares about their needs and desires to be more involved in the decisions that shape their lives.