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Wisconsin latest state to examine open and transparent government needs

July 25, 2013

In order to boost transparency and open government efforts, the Wisconsin Department of Justice has announced three seminars to be held in October to discuss the state's freedom of information and related laws. According to the Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Sentinel, the first meeting will be help in Madison, Wisc., on October 11, while the later two will be held on October 29 in Waukesha and October 31 online, respectively.

These free events will go a long way toward demonstrating true adherence to open government expectations, but they are just one of many efforts any state, county or town council can undertake. Improving meeting agenda management to encourage public participation, enhancing information portals and investing in optimized legislative management solutions will also assist these efforts.

IQM2's high-quality meeting management services can help any local office embrace the tenants of transparency and enhances its ability to engage the community on a new scale. Opening meetings to the public and improving the management of critical information will be the most important steps any council can take toward adjusting to the modern demands of open government.