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The long hard road to paperless just got a little shorter

July 25, 2013

Embracing paperless meetings and other efforts to reduce costs has been a challenge for many organizations, including government offices. The appeal of a paperless office is easy to see - no waste, no printing costs and no filing cabinets littered everywhere. However, optimizing meeting management and the flow of information for a paperless solution hasn't been easy - until now.

The surge of mobile devices across the nation has allowed professionals, consumers and government officials to access significantly more information at a single touch. While laptops could have accomplished this before, few wanted to carry one around. Tablets, on the other hand, have simplified the equation and weigh less than a good novel.

However, simply investing in high-quality devices isn't quite enough for a state, county or town council to make the move to paperless with ease. These offices also need to investing in the right meeting management software to optimize the flow of information to those devices. With the right back office support supplying agenda, document and general information access, local governments can optimize their operations with ease and embrace the other benefits that going paperless brings to the table.