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Kirkland City boosts transparency efforts

July 30, 2013

The Kirkland City, Wash., council has taken steps to enhance its own open and transparent government operations with a new ordinance and resolution to improve the handling of public record requests.

Ordinance O-4414 and Resolution R-4987 will focus on defining the process for requesting government records regarding city budget, staff performance and the use of online queues for pending and active requests, according to Kirkland Views. These efforts are intended to boost overall transparency to the public and will be enacted on November 1, 2013.

In addition to actual legislative changes, city, county and state councils should also invest in high-quality resources to boost adherence with their own laws and overall compliance with federal mandates. IQM2's high-quality meeting management services help offices enhance overall organization of meeting minutes and related data, while boost the actual productivity of council assemblies.

With the right tools in place to enhance transparency and open government efforts, more councils will be able to demonstrate the importance of these acts to their constituents. These tools cut the time it takes to answer requests, help keep the relevant data organized and reduce the overall cost of running an open government portal.