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Culture a key aspect of open government

August 6, 2013

State, city and county offices looking to embrace open and transparent government have a variety of factors to consider. From optimizing costs to ensuring a smooth transition to open data portals, there are various areas that require individual attention or they could create a bottleneck for these efforts. However, one area that many government offices fail to consider is culture.

According to The Australian, cultural change can affect transparency efforts immensely. Some councils will need to adjust the attitudes and approach to open government, not just operational efforts and technology. Not all areas are mentally prepared for the new technologies and tools they have to invest in in order to achieve these goals, and they will require some preparation and possible even training to implement correctly.

IQM2's high-quality meeting management services can go a long way towards advancing transparency goals, but they also provide a smooth transition to the new operational demands that local councils have to expect. Rather than "shocking the system" with new and unfamiliar tools, officials will be able to ease the transition and ensure they are implementing the tenants of transparency and open government as needed in their area.