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Discussions about open government need to be open themselves

August 7, 2013

Open and transparent government operations are a topic on everyone's lips, but those conversations don't always happen in a public forum. Any state, county or town council discussing open government needs behind closed doors might be missing the point.

As more citizens demand a voice in their local council's processes, embracing transparency and open government is becoming a necessity. In order to foster these conversations and ensure they go quickly and smoothly to implement solutions as efficiently as possible, these town, county and state offices will want to have them with the public itself.

Town hall meetings provide an excellent opportunity to discuss the expectations of the public and how a local council is prepared to meet them. Additionally, investing in high-quality meeting agenda management solutions can assist by ensuring constituents know when gatherings will be held and what is to be discussed.

The secondary benefit of these approaches is that they demonstrate an offices commitment to the process upfront, and begin the migration to open government immediately by showcasing the efforts in the meetings themselves. This will boost community engagement and appreciation for these initiatives while promoting the ideals of freedom of information and open government action.