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Massachusetts Selectmen to go paperless

August 7, 2013

Paperless meetings provide significant benefits to state, county and town officials and Selectmen in Scituate, Mass., are embracing these advantages in order to enhance their town meetings.

"It will cut down the time it takes to put the whole [meeting] package together," Selectman John Danehey told the Boston Globe. "All they have to do is make one and send them, rather than hole-punching them and putting them together."

By implementing paperless solutions for town hall meetings and other council gatherings, local governments can optimize their operations, cut costs and enhance there adherence with open government initiatives as well. The cost of a tablet for each council member is negligible compared to the hundreds that printing paper documents costs every year.

IQM2's meeting management software helps streamline the transition from paper to paperless and optimize government meetings in many other ways as well. By having the right foundation for these efforts, state, county and town officials can improve there strategies and increase the success rate of these initiatives significantly. Additionally, these tools will boost related needs, such as creating open government portals and enhancing public engagement.