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Agenda management a priority for all

August 12, 2013

From state offices to local school boards, meeting agenda management is a critical component of transparency and open government efforts. Without high-quality agenda management software in place, it can be difficult to keep the public aware of events, topics of discussion and adhere to the expectations of communities that are growing more interested in the processes of their local council meetings.

Investing in higher-quality meeting management software can boost overall efforts to provide clear and timely information to the public, but they also provide key efficiency and productivity improvements that many state, county and town governments can benefit from. Rather than simply posing a meeting schedule online officials will be able to make changes, promote town hall meetings and much more that will get the public engaged and interested, rather than just being informed.

IQM2's high-quality agenda management services can provide the launching point for these efforts and enhance any government office or school board's efforts to engage the public and optimize the flow of information from meeting chamber to the community. These efforts will also boost appreciation and approval from the public, and help enhance overall happiness of the community.