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Indiana open government laws explored

August 12, 2013

Indiana, which received a D on the Sunlight Foundation's annual Open Legislative Data Report Card, has had its transparency and open government laws in place for several decades. However, some feel it may be time for an upgrade.

According to FOX WBIC, a local radio station. Indiana developed its Access to Public Records Act around the same time government officials began using email.

"There was some controversy at that time", Julia Vaughn, policy director for Common Cause Indiana, an open government advocacy group, told the news source. "Fortunately, our legislature had the foresight to see that communication was going to be primary by email in the future."

While this was a bold move at the time, the state has done little to advance its transparency efforts, causing its low grade on the Sunlight Foundations report. The state could take several steps to enhance its open government efforts, but the most important is optimizing its ability to provide information to the public. According to the news source, vague wording can easily get a request for information denied, stalling the process and helping organizations avoid supplying the public the data.

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