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3 reasons meeting management is key for transparency

August 19, 2013

Open and transparent government efforts are crucial in today's political climate. U.S. citizens want to be more involved in their local, county and state level decision making processes, and by promoting open data and access to town hall meetings and related events, legislators can ensure they are meeting public expectations in these areas.

It's the drive to be more involved that is pushing transparency and open government initiatives, but technology is what is helping state, county and town officials meet demand. Investing in meeting management software is a sure way to improve adherence with community expectations when it comes to these efforts, and many will also see unrelated benefits begin to crop up. Cost savings, improved productivity and enhanced meeting efficiency will help local councils embrace transparency efforts and see real benefits to their own operations, not just public opinion.

Reduce operational costs
Enhanced meeting management services have many effects on operational costs for state, county and city governments. Cutting actual conference costs by helping embrace paperless meetings, while boosting overall information management needs by providing a cheaper way to keep minutes or make announcements, will help councils achieve greater budget management and pass the savings on to the community.

Improved productivity
Meeting planning services help government councils organize and cover topics more efficiently, eliminated wasteful processes and focus on critical information more effectively. Combined with agenda management solutions, this will help officials meet, discuss and disseminate that information to the public far more productively, getting more done in less time and saving the taxpayers money at the end of the year. This will also boost overall decision making processes, helping council members ensure they are keeping the best interests of their constituents in mind.

Driving efficiency
Related to productivity, the ability to be more efficient in the council room is an advantage that every government office wants. However, improved meeting management solutions provide efficiency improving benefits for government offices outside of meetings as well. Every administrative task can be improved with easier flow of information, faster agenda management and the other benefits that come with investment into technology from IQM2.

Ultimately, open government comes down to flow of information and adherence to state and federal policies regarding open access to that data. By investing in IQM2's high-quality legislative management solutions, more government offices will be able to embrace what the public expects from them, rather than struggle to realize the advantages of transparency.