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Cost an important consideration when it comes to transparency

August 20, 2013

For many state, county and city councils, embracing open and transparent government is a critical consideration these days. However, this doesn't just mean making data available to the public, keeping meetings open or addressing compliance issues - councils also need to consider the cost of these efforts themselves.

According to the Port Huron Times Herald, Michigan is in need of addressing issues such as these and improving it's own FOIA and Open Meetings laws.

"Costs associated with FOIA had grown to the point they had become a barrier to information the public was otherwise supposed to ordinarily have," State Rep. Mike Shirkey said in a statement, according to the news source. "If you can't afford to get it, you obviously can't read it."

Investing in improved meeting management software and related data organization solutions from IQM2 can be key for addressing issues plaguing open government like fees and costs for both requesters and the public offices in question. As the news source noted, freedom of information is a right, not an imposition, and government offices have to embrace this notion to ensure that they are supplying citizens and organizations with the access they rightly deserve.