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Minnesota county to embrace paperless meetings

August 26, 2013

Going paperless has a plethora of advantages for town, county and city councils. Brown County, Minn., is considering such an approach itself, as it recently examined the costs of paperless meetings and weighing them against current operations - discovering it would save a significant amount of money - according to The New Ulm Journal.

A high-quality paperless strategy can eliminate ink, maintenance and labor expenses for any government office, in addition to the paper itself. When a town council prints hundreds of pages of meeting minutes, agenda topics and related information every week or month for a board meeting, the expenses can grow quickly. Going paperless reduces the efforts required to gather, organize and send out these packets to officials, and improves the overall access to relevant data by making everything searchable and neatly stored for quick access via a laptop, tablet or even smartphone.

IQM2's high-quality agenda management and meeting minutes software provide the key resources that any city, county or town needs to embrace the paperless philosophy and start seeing savings itself. By investing in the right solution, local legislators can start saving money and putting those funds to better use in the projects and efforts their constituents need and expect from their leaders.