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Accountability in high demand in Ohio

August 27, 2013

Ohio residents are looking for increased accountability from their local officials, according to Soapbox Cincinnati. Open and transparent government is a key consideration for town, city and county councils, not just state and federal administrations, and with the rise of technology comes increased responsibility on leaders to supply information in a clear, concise and free manner.

According to the news source, the city of Cincinnati is offering free and easy access to information through its customer service department website, but improvements are needed. The city recently launched a new portal - Open Data Cincinnati - to enhance these efforts and ensure that the public is getting all of the data it wants, not what officials think they need.

"All this information had been available, but was not easily accessible to people," Erin Kidwell, the ODC's project manager, told the news source. "They didn't realize it was there and available. You can't find what you can't see. I want to see tangible and actionable projects come out of open data that impact our city, not just from developers, but from the neighborhoods at large."

In addition to providing a power web portal for data access, improving the flow of information to that portal is also a key consideration that any town, city and county needs to make.