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Ewing council sued over refusal to release data

August 28, 2013

Ewing Township, N.J., recently had a lawsuit filed against it by John Paff, chairman of the Open Government Advocacy Project for refusing to release complete payroll information on town employees. According to The Times of Trenton, the organization is suing on behalf of the people for violations of the state Open Public Records Act for failing to properly provide citizens with payroll information on public servants, including police officers.

"This is a case where they're trying to close the door a little bit and we're trying to push it back open," Paff told the source. "This is an ongoing battle between people who want access and people who want secrecy."

Paff recently won a suit against the town of Lawrence for refusing to release information regarding a settlement between the town's police department and a former officer.

With open and transparent government issues being so important to citizens today, it is critical for towns, counties and cities to ensure they have the proper solutions in place to manage their data and streamline the release of it to the public without accidental or purposeful omissions.