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Mobility and paperless go hand in hand

September 4, 2013

Adopting paperless meetings may seem like a stretch for some town, county and city councils, but by investing in the right supporting technology, these efforts can be achieved with ease. For many, the first thing to consider is a mobile solution.

The proliferation of mobile devices allows local government bodies to embrace paperless efforts through several mediums. Council members can view meeting minutes and agendas on a tablet or phone, information can be uploaded quickly, and data, such as votes, can be shared with ease due thanks in part to the interoperability of many channels. Additionally, these tools allow officials to take their work home with them to develop legislation, study information in more depth and ensure that any communications regarding public matters are properly logged for compliance reasons.

Transparency and open government centers around maintaining speed and efficiency while providing the public with increased access to the information they want to see regarding the administration of their communities. By going paperless, a town, city or county will be demonstrating its commitment to these principals, and incorporating mobile solutions furthers those efforts.