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Sustainability a key focus for open government efforts

September 4, 2013

Beyond access to information and security, local councils have to ensure that their efforts to embrace transparency and open government are sustainable as well. For every investment a town, city or county makes into technology like meeting management software or process management, it has to ensure that those tools will remain viable over time or be easily upgraded at little extra cost.

The sustainability of open and transparent government technologies should in fact be a top priority for any office. Without sustainability one of the main advantages of most technology investments - cost efficiency - will be negated, and local government bodies will have to continue overspending in order to keep up with the times.

IQM2's high-quality legislative management tools and related solutions provide the support local councils need with the sustainability that will carry them into the next generation of IT and digital government as well. Making the right investment now will save time and money in the future, and promote a stronger understanding of those technologies that will help officials harness their potential more readily.