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Open source doesn't mean open security

September 4, 2013

The push for open source data in government operations is driving more town, county and city offices to embrace technology that might not be up to par. When it comes to transparency and open government, security is still a top concern and councils have to ensure they are meeting compliance regulations while opening public information up to citizens for easy access.

The balance between access and security is a delicate one, but investing in the right tools can lead to success. According to FierceGovernmentIT, the Homeland Security Department has been examining the security of open source technologies for some years now, specifically Open Security tools like OpenSSL. This research has been focused on military and Department of Defense applications, but has a broad affect on government operations in general.

In order to optimize workflow and ensure that open and transparent government efforts are going as planned, local councils have to ensure that their solutions are open and secure. IQM2's high-quality solutions offer the best of both worlds and ensure that government offices are able to embrace the needs of the public without putting privacy or security at risk.