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Efficiency just as important as transparency

September 4, 2013

Many town, city and county officials are concerned with their transparency and open government efforts, but there is another key factor to improving citizen engagement and approval - the operational efficiency. Constituents don't just want open access to information and honest leaders, they also want to see results, which requires streamlined, productive operations on a day-to-day basis. For most areas, this will require an investment in technology to boost overall processes.

Meeting management services from IQM2 are one key solution that local governments should consider to enhance the efficiency of their operations. By improving council meetings in particular, officials will be able to get more done and make decisions that directly improve their municipalities. Additionally, these tools can help offices save money year over year.

Beyond meeting management software, however, is the need to accomplish more. Improved meeting planning software and related services such as electronic voting solutions will boost the overall efficiency of operations in order to ensure that everyday administrative processes, open and closed meetings and general workflow is done at an optimized pace. Ultimately, this will help officials do more and show the results to their voters just as quickly.