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Federal administration seeking public opinion on Gov 2.0 efforts

September 5, 2013

The White House has revealed its strategies for the next steps in the National Action Plan on Open Government and is seeking public input on the plan. This presents a key opportunity for town, county and city officials to see what their constituents are looking for in open and transparent government efforts to improve their own initiatives.

According to the White House Blog on open government, the federal administration is looking for input on how to encourage public engagement and participation, increasing trust in the government and how to improve and leverage public services to enhance collaborative efforts. These are all critical areas that local councils have to consider as well, and gaining insight in these areas from their own constituents would help them make smarter investments into government 2.0 initiatives.

Transparency and open government efforts are key factors in the latest expectations on how towns, cities and counties are run, and by taking the time to understand community concerns, officials will be able to focus on improvements with ease. The right technology and strategies, such as holding town hall meetings and investing in agenda management solutions, will boost these efforts and ensure strong turnouts to these sessions.