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Expanding attendance key reason to invest in agenda management software

September 9, 2013

Town, county and city officials have seen increased public attendance at council meetings large and small. Growing community interest in their leaders' and government decision making, as well as a growing concern with local politics are driving this renewed interest, and these offices will have to cope with increased demand or suffer a loss of public support as a result.

Allowing for increased attendance is a simple matter for many, as their town hall meetings allow for large audiences. However, some towns may need to consider moving their meetings to larger venues if they cannot support the community demands. Beyond physical space, there are a variety of ways that county, city and town leadership should improve their operations along these lines.

Agenda management
Improved agenda management solutions will help officials ensure that the public is aware of meeting topics and schedules well in advance, eliminating the risk of compliance issues, while bolstering attendance at the same time. Additionally, these tools will help keep meetings on task and allow attendees who are interested in addressing the council time to prepare information and statements, improving the overall productivity of public meetings.

Meeting minutes software
Taking minutes digital is another key way to boost overall efficiency and keep the public apprised of topics and discussions. Meeting minutes software will help local councils keep their information organized and speed up the archiving and posting of that data to public portals so that those who couldn't attend can better understand what was discussed at government meetings.

Meeting planning services
As meetings grow larger, it is important to ensure they are well-planned in order to facilitate discussion and keep the conversation on topic and productive. Meeting planning solutions will provide a foundation for these improvements while foster a better way to encourage public participation by accommodating questions and tie for attendees to address the council. A well planned meeting will also be more productive and efficient in addressing the matters at hand and keeping to the time frame allotted, ensuring everyone can get home at a reasonable hour as well.

The first step to optimizing town, city and county council meetings is to have the planning and strategies in place to minimize distraction and inefficient practices. The right technology will boost these efforts and ensure that any local government can meeting public expectations quickly and on budget.