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Efficiency plays a key role in government improvements

September 12, 2013

Any county, city or town council looking to boost its productivity and overall operations needs to consider efficiency first and foremost. The efficiency of meetings, data access, administrative efforts and even communications will play a key role in how work is done, and assist in further efforts, such as investing in transparency and open government solutions, later on down the road.

Addressing efficiency is a multifold problem. For many, it means investing in administrative tools to improve the flow of information from the back office to the council chamber, but it also requires investing in transparency software, meeting management services and other solutions for organizing that data and sharing it with the public.

IQM2's meeting and agenda management solutions can play a critical role in improving meeting efficiency, as can paperless strategies, but local officials have to consider their own practices as well. From the channels they use for communications to the effort put in place for maintaining compliance, every piece of software or technology used in daily government operations plays a role in overall efficiency. By improving these small factors, the larger pieces will begin to fall into place, helping government offices optimize workflow and continue driving these efforts forward.