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Lawmakers in California bring transparency votes to the people

September 13, 2013

In an improved effort to embrace open and transparent government, Californian legislators have added transparency measures to the 2014 ballot. According to the Los Angeles Times, the state Assembly made the final decision on Tuesday, Sept. 10, in an action supported by open government advocacy groups across the state.

Senator Mark Leno, D-San Francisco, told the news source that "[The measure] allows California voters to debate the importance of strengthening the state's most critical open-government laws by requiring compliance in the Constitution."

However, the measure - which requires compliance from town, county and city councils throughout the state - won't provide financial support. As such, local government officials will need to invest in transparency solutions on their own, requiring careful consideration of the tools and software purchased.

IQM2's high-quality meeting management and transparency and open government offerings provide key opportunities for county, city and town offices to meet open government guidelines on a tight budget. These tools provide excellent and quality while helping to reduce the overall cost of transparency - a key consideration for any council today.

With the right tools in place, any local council can make the changes needed to support the public's "right to know."