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Website often the first, and last, thing citizens remember

September 13, 2013

Open and transparent government efforts often center around technology today. The ability to provide the public with quick and easy access to government meeting minutes, agendas for upcoming events and other information is critical, which means offering a convenient access portal. In today's technology-centric world, there is no better option than a town website for such a portal.

However, running a website is much harder than many may think, and requires extensive knowledge of software programming, security protocols and other issues to ensure that it is safe, stable and provides a pleasant experience to visitors.

Investing in a talented individual to develop that website is one of the most important things a town, city or county government can do. However, having the right support system behind it to provide the necessary information is also key, and by integrating meeting management software and related tools, a council can optimize its website much more easily and save money doing it. Offering the public a quality domain to access budget information, meeting minutes or next week's schedule will also drive community engagement and appreciation at the same time.