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Op-Ed examines the need to question open government in NYC

September 16, 2013

Open and transparent government in New York City is a critical concern and more citizens are looking for answers regarding leaders' dedication to these matters. According to a recent Op-Ed piece in TechPresident, citizens in the Big Apple need to carefully consider the proposals made by the city's open data law passed last year, and the city council needs to provide answers.

Concerns, such as if leaders will truly release all city data to the public, if the new mayor will support the same efforts and how these innovations will be sustained through the future are all careful considerations. The last four years of Mayor Bloomberg's administration were highly beneficial to open data efforts, but if they aren't considered, transparency and open government will quickly become a fond memory in the history of the city.

Meeting the expectations of citizens when it comes to transparency and open data is an obligation every town, county and city has to strive for. Investing in IQM2's high-quality solutions in this area will provide the solid foundation needed to launch further efforts and ensure the future of open government for years to come.