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Multiple email addresses okay for government use, NARA says

September 16, 2013

The National Archives and Records Administration recently approved the use of multiple email addresses for federal officials, so long as they are all properly tracked and archived for compliance. This sets an important precedent for town, county and city offices as well, with the acknowledgement of transparency and open government demands.

According to FierceGovernmentIT, NARA acknowledged that some officials may need multiple email accounts, but there are still issues surrounding this usage.

"I actually think this is an incredibly interesting set of issues," said Andrew McLaughlin, former deputy chief technology officer at the White House, who received a reprimand in 2010 for keeping a personal Gmail account to keep in contact with former Google colleagues. "The world that we're moving into is one where any new executive branch employee is not only going to have a single, private personal email account, but may well have dozens of communications accounts on different services."

Some officials can receive millions of emails a year - approximately 1 email every 30 seconds, according to the news source. While this volume shrinks at the local level, officials still may need to keep separate accounts of public and internal use, and as long as councils invest in adequate solutions to track these emails for open and transparent government purposes, it should be acceptable.