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Dialog top demand for many citizens

September 21, 2013

When it comes to embracing open and transparent government initiatives, town, county and city officials need to ensure they are giving the people what they want. For many, this means increasing the dialog between council and tax payer.

According to The Star, more communities are looking for open dialog with their leaders. In order to accommodate, councils will need to consider improved solutions to facilitate, such as embracing town hall meetings. The idea behind opening meetings up to the public will foster a stronger relationship between attendance and communication, while providing leaders with more insight from their voters.

At the same time, simply opening meetings to the public doesn't always get the job done. Councils may need to consider investing in meeting agenda management software as well to ensure the public is aware of meeting schedules and topics ahead of time in order to increase participation. With the right tools in place, local leadership will see a spike in turnout and satisfaction from their tax payers, with easy investment from their end.

Transparency isn't a perk, it's a responsibility, and town, county and city leaders need to embrace it.