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4 steps to boosting government efficiency

September 23, 2013

Working more efficiently is a goal for nearly everyone. No one likes putting in late hours or spending time away from their family, and getting meetings and other work done faster by being more efficient is a key way to spend less time on the job and more at play. This is no different for town, county and city council members, but being more effective can have several other benefits for these groups as well.

From reducing costs to improving community engagement, working more efficiently will allow local governments to do much more in their meetings and legislative efforts. However, one of the main advantages of investing in solutions to be productive is the ability to focus more on open and transparent government initiatives. By considering these four steps to improving efficiency, any town, city or county can embrace these benefits sooner, rather than later.

Meeting management
Improving the overall management of meetings is one key way to enhance government efficiency. From agenda management to enhanced availability of minutes, these solutions provide key advantages for both productivity and engagement. Citizens will be more aware of what their leaders are doing, and those representatives will be able to do more for their constituents.

Minutes software
Beyond making meetings more efficient, optimizing minutes can go a long way towards overall government improvement. Investing in high-quality minutes software will enhance record keeping, community engagement, transparency efforts and the continuation of related efforts, like adopting a web portal for open government or improving records access to citizens.

Paperless meetings
Another way to boost productivity and work more efficiently is to go paperless. By investing in the right software solutions, town councils can eliminate paperwork from their meetings, as well as other areas of operations and streamline their agendas. This helps speed up meetings, cover additional topics and keep council members organized.

Electronic voting solutions are yet another opportunity to enhance efficiency, as well as accuracy. Whenever a city council votes, it can take up valuable time after the meeting when the minutes are created and organized. Going digital will speed up this process while reducing the chance of a vote being misreported or, worse, intentionally changed.

City, town and county officials owe it to their citizens to optimize their government, be it through meeting efficiency or other efforts. Taking the right steps will pay off in the long run through increased reputation and funding to be spent on critical projects down the road.