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Designing for transparency

September 25, 2013

Investing in new process management solutions or striving to improve workflow is a key factor in growth for any organization. For government officials, these efforts can reduce expenses and help expedite key decision making in order to reach community improving goals faster. However, transparency and open government considerations have to be a key aspect of these discussions.

Whenever operations are changed, if transparency isn't considered the efforts will be wasted. The public had to not only be aware of and understand the planned changes, but any effort has to improve overall open government efforts as well.

Investing in new technology can be a key way to keep processes up to date without risking open and transparent government. Such initiatives, like purchasing in meeting minutes software, will enhance these efforts while demonstrating to the public that its best interests are being kept in mind. These tools improve processes, speed up minutes creation and ensure they are accessible to the public as soon a possible following proceedings.

Any improvement, technological or workflow-related, has to keep transparency as a priority in order to ensure standards and guidelines are met and further any growth efforts along the way.