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Open data isn't the only transparency concern for local governments

September 25, 2013

When it comes to transparency and open government conversations, many focus on the need for freely accessible data. However, there are many other considerations that can be lost in the shuffle as town, county and city officials scramble to embrace the latest standards of open data. Issues like clear and concise laws, budget access and open government meeting minutes all have to be addressed, or constituents may still be unhappy with related efforts, regardless of what local leaders invest into transparency initiatives.

One main concern that any local council needs to address is clear and concise explanation of laws. If the public doesn't understand the bills and laws being passed, they may unintentionally break them, leading to lengthy legal battles and risks for the governing body. Investing in high-quality legislative management solutions can help ensure the public has all of the information needed for full clarity.

Another potential risk is not keeping meeting minutes up to date and accessible. As citizens become more interested in the inner workings of their leading councils, reading minutes and keep up with recent matters becomes more popular. Investing in high-quality minutes software will address this need.