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5 ways agenda management boosts opportunities

October 1, 2013

Many town, county and city councils invest in technology to help reduce expenses over time and keep up with the demands of transparency and open government. There are other opportunities in these investments that can be reached with the right tools. Some of these top opportunities are best met by improving council and town hall meetings, and optimizing the administrative side of these assemblies.

Meeting management services provide excellent ways to boost event productivity and ensure that topics are addressed, adequately covered and opened up to public opinion, without slowing down progress or interfering with other matters of state. The best way to accomplish these goals is to invest in meeting agenda management software, like the town of Palatine, Ill., recently did, to  enhance efficiency and cost savings in their everyday operations.

Agenda management provides streamlined organization of schedules, topics, minutes, notices of meetings and more. By investing in such well-rounded, efficient solutions, any city, county or town will be able to boost their technological prowess and achieve several other benefits as well.

Improve financial burdens
Meetings cost money to run. From the power used to light the council chamber to the paper used to print minutes and other documents, there are costs associated with government meetings. Agenda management software can help reduce overhead expenses, or, in conjunction with other solutions, eliminate them completely. Some officials can use these tools as a stepping stone to paperless meetings, while other will be content with the advantages agenda management provides.

Cover recurring topics faster
Recurring meeting events, such as the reading of minutes, addressing public announcements or other less frequent but regularly occurring issues, can all be handled more efficiently with the right tools as well. With agenda management solutions in place, handling the creation and organization of meeting minutes, a town may be able to skip reading minutes, as they will be easier to make readily available online. Additionally, some will find simply being more organized will save time during lengthy proceedings.

Reaching out to the community
With improved agenda management, any town, city or county will be able to improve public engagement and ensure that the community has access to announcements and meetings. This will be critical in coming years, as the public is steadily becoming more interested in the way their hometowns are run. Beyond actual engagement, the ability to better organize information will enhance open and transparent government efforts.

Fostering innovation
Many unexpected side effects can occur when new technology is implemented for government meeting management, and many local officials may find these unintended changes to be highly beneficial as well. From creating a more readily accessible data format to helping officials collaborate more effectively, these tools will provide the seed needed to foster further improvements and the foundation to launch them from.

Learning new things
Perhaps not as critical as reducing spending, learning how to use new technologies in itself is a benefit of investing in them. Having a better understanding of these tools will provide officials with increased technical prowess, which will help streamline future investments, or ensure that general administration runs more smoothly. Having a broader understanding of government technology solutions will also provide an understanding of the other innovations going on, as well as the Gov. 2.0 movement as a whole. From open data to cloud computing, these solutions may come more easily and help optimize meetings in new ways - all because officials took the initial step of enhancing their processes.